For customers who are more self-service, or may be on a tighter budget, we make pigs fly!


We will deliver our fantastic food to your location, and you take it from there.

You pick the menu, time, and place, and we drop the food ....and fly!





2 Slow Roasted Meats,

Wheat and White Buns, BBQ Sauce.......$6.50 per guest

(Main meat for 100% of Guests, Secondary Meat for 25% of Guests)


Side Dishes...........

1 Side Dish -  $3.00 (add $3.00 per Guest)

2 Side Dishes - $2.50 per side (add $5.00 per Guest)

3 Side Diches - $2.25 per side (add $6.75 per Guest)

4 Side Dishes - $2.05 per side (add $8.20 per Guest)

5 Side Dishes - $1.95 per side (add $9.50 per Guest)

6 Side Dishes - $1.75 per side (add $10.20 per Guest)



10% Service Charge

(Feel free to tip the driver extra!)


1.00 per mile, round trip, from our Lakeville location


$450.00 minimum order for drop-off service.


​Disposable foil pans, plates, forks, napkins, serving tongs, serving spoons included

-Foods will be delivered hot/cold, and you will want to have ice, chafers, roasters, etc.,

for holding and serving.

-Please have a surface ready for all of the food pans to be set - cover with towels for hot foods


Thanks for letting us show you that pigs actually fly!