Dear Customers, Venues, and Vendors,


We were fortunate to receive funding through the SBA Payroll Protection Program, and are using it to offer work to our staff. Even though there is no catering of events at this time, our crew is keeping busy.


Roaster cleaning, vehicle updates, shop deep cleaning, and treat (cookies, brownies, bars) donations to nursing homes and hospitals are in full swing.


We have designed a plan to keep our employees working.  Here are the details of the program:


One At a Time Swine (OATS) Initiative


The program theme:


"The OATS Initiative aims to provide essential and needed work,  in a safe environment, for our loyal employees, in a flexible manner, featuring morale building compensation rates".


We offer 3- 6 hour shifts, seven days per week. Staff schedule their own shifts using an online scheduling app. There is a 30 minute gap between shifts to minimize employee contact with one another. There is one 5 hour gap in the schedule from 2 am-7am.


Employees work one at a time. This allows for complete safety.


Complete hand washing, followed by donning masks and and gloves is required before entering the shop.


The first task on each shift is a complete disinfecting wipe down of all potential hand touch surfaces including doorknobs, light switches, phones, keyboard, mouse, etc.


Staff select a job of their choosing from a list generated by our Shop Manager. They perform the work, then record progress on the list.


At the conclusion of the shift, re-sanitization of all hand touch surfaces is repeated.


We are extremely gratified by the response from our employees. In the first 24 hours, our crew signed up for over 100 shifts!


While we are unsure of when actual catering will commence, we do know that we have an incredible staff, who are working hard to get our operation ready for that day!


If you know of a need for treats for our dedicated health care workers, please email us with contact information and details. We would be happy to serve.


Be well,


Dale and Jim,

Co Owners