How It All Works

Our menus usually consist of any 2 Slow Roasted Meats (most customers choose from Pork, Turkey, or Beef), Wheat and White Sandwich Buns, appropriate condiments, and any number of side dishes.  We ask you to designate a Main meat choice, and a Secondary meat choice. The quantity of meat for the main meat will be more than enough to feed everyone, and the secondary meat is there for folks who, for example, may not choose to eat Pork.


Your price will be determined by

A. The number of guests and...

B. ...The number of sides you select.

(Look at  our Menu Options for full meat and side dish choices.)


Look at our published price list to get your exact cost based on these 2 factors.


All of our service is done buffet style, and includes literally everything you will need for a complete buffet. The only thing you need to provide for us is the buffet tables themselves. When you supply the buffet tables, it provides a location for our servers to leave the leftovers for you, which we package into containers you can keep!


For dinnerware, we do have a few options. Click on this link--

 Elegant Presentation Packages.


We will reserve a date for you upon your request, and send you an event confirmation. All details, such as final guest count, menu, and a map to your event are due no later than 14 calendar days prior to your event date.


Our Pork, Turkey, Beef, and Smoked Ham are slow roasted. The meats are moist and tender, and literally fall off the bone! We further carve/shred the meat, and then serve it in its own natural juices. You and your guests will love it!


Whole pigs are similarly prepared, but cooked on a large stainless steel pan. Pigs may be carved/shredded at your location or ours, depending on the weather conditions or as situation merits.


All other foods are prepared at our location and transported to your site, ready for the buffet table.


Please provide a parking space for our truck & roaster close to buffet line.


Server(s) will carve meats, replenish the buffet, clean buffet area, and package leftovers from the table in containers you can keep.


Customer is responsible for transporting leftovers to a hot oven, refrigerator, freezer, or large cooler with ice. If proper equipment is not available to handle leftovers safely, leftovers will be disposed of on site.


Encourage your guests to ask questions - That's half the fun of a Pig Roast!

Frequently Answered Questions-

Do you cook the pig at my house?

Since the pigs cook a minimum of 15 hours, all the cooking is done at our location, including the side dishes. We can carve the pig at your location or ours, depending on your wishes.


If you carve the pig at my location, can you take the trash with you when you leave?

Health Department regulations prohibit us from transporting trash of any type in our vehicles. We will, however, double line your trash barrel before carving.


How many pigs do I need for my event?

We order pigs of varying sizes depending on the group size. The smallest pig will feed a group of 50, the largest around 200. The bottom line is, we almost always leave leftovers!


I'd like a change of pace - do you offer other meats?

Yes! All of our roasted meats are prepared the same way as our whole pigs. They are slow cooked for a long time, and generally served shredded. Slow Roasted Meats are our specialty, and include Pork, Turkey, Beef and Smoked Ham. Specialty cuts (extra charge) include; Memphis Style Ribs, Prime Rib, Assorted Chicken Wings, or Chicken Breasts.


Do you offer meats grilled on site?

We do offer meats grilled on site, such as Brats, Burgers, Hot Dogs, and Chicken Breasts. There are additional charges for grilling on site, as we need to send extra servers for grilling.

While our grilled meats are fantastic, we think the slow roasted meats are the way to go. It is a delicious option that you cannot experience anywhere else.


What is included in the price?

The price listed in our brochure and on the website is the food price, sales tax, and service charge and includes any two meats (one main, one secondary), Wheat and White sandwich buns, side dishes (1 to 10), condiments, disposable plates, forks, napkins, buffet table covers, table skirting if you specify it, buffet setup, one hour of serving time, and packaging leftovers.


Are there any other additional charges?

The only additional charges are for delivery to certain areas and an extra charge for unusual or difficult setups.


Do I need to tip my server(s)?

We include an industry standard 15% Service Charge. The server(s) keep a generous portion of that Service Charge, and a small percentage goes to support staff who are vital in the server's success.

So the short answer is no, you are not expected to tip in addition to that.

With that in mind, we recognize that our servers work very hard for you, and they welcome any extra you may want to give them directly.


What are my choices for side dishes?

There are over 20 sides to choose from. Cold Sides such as Country Style Potato Salad, Creamy Cole Slaw, and Rotini Pasta Salad are favorites. Hot Sides, such as Pork Baked Beans, Au Gratin Potatoes, and Slivered Almond Green Beans are great. And our Dessert Sides, such as Assorted Cookies, Brownies, Lemon Bars, Raspberry Bars, or Custom Decorated Sheet Cakes will satisfy any sweet tooth!


What if I would like more than 1 hour of serving time?

No problem, as long as we know ahead of time so we can plan for it. We charge $50.00 per server for each additional hour.


When does the server arrive at my event?

30-60 minutes before the start of your serving time, depending on the menu, group size, proximity of parking to the buffet line, and traffic. In catering, there are lots of variables! The bottom line is, our server will hustle to serve you on time, regardless of when he or she arrives.


How many servers does it take to cater my event?

In our company, organization and preparation are King and Queen! Everything is ready when we arrive. That being said, one of our most experienced servers can cater an event of up to 250 guests alone - even larger groups for simple menus over extended serving times. We add servers based on the group size, requested service, or for grilling on site. This approach helps keep the cost down!


Do we get to keep the leftovers?

Yes! Your server will package them in containers you can keep, and leave them on the buffet table for you. It is your responsibility to get them to refrigeration or an oven for safe temperature control after we leave. If the server sees that you do not have the proper equipment for this, he/she will dispose of them on site to protect you and your guests.


Why is it that some caterers will not leave the leftovers?

Perhaps they are working them into tomorrow's menu? Be sure to only pay for fresh, wholesome foods!


Do you clean up before you leave?

Buffet area cleanup is included in the price. If you would like assistance with bussing dishes, taking down chairs and tables, etc, please call us and ask for pricing and services we may be able to offer.


Can I rent tents, tables, chairs, or dinnerware through Divine Swine Catering?

For Tents, tables, and chairs, contact the party rental company closest to your event site to keep delivery fees down. We are not affiliated with any particular rental companies.


Do you cater for groups of smaller than 50?

Yes! Pick out a menu and give us a call with your date and time. We will give you a price. Keep in mind that the smaller your group size, the more you will pay per guest. Conversely, we offer discounts for very large groups!


What if my group size is between those listed in the brochure?

We pro-rate the price based on your actual guest count and menu.


When is final payment due?

Payment is due at the conclusion of the event. If you are an established business with a 30 day payment policy, or if you need to do a check request, we'll work with you.


We are a non-profit group. Do you do fundraisers?

Due to the nature of our business, we are asked frequently for discounts for fundraisers. Since it is impossible to accommodate all such requests, we limit our charity donations to groups we are personally involved with or have an interest in.

Examples include our kids' school and scout groups, Cornerhouse, The Commemorative Air Force, and our employee's family and church functions.


What are some reasons to select Divine Swine Catering for my event?

We offer over 33 years of experience and a growing list of thrilled customers. Most importantly, we would love to cater your event , and will do what it takes to make it a great success. Our entire staff works hard to provide you with the best food and service possible. We know how important your event is to you - it is equally important to us!


How do I book an event with you?

Give us a call 952-469-2635 to let us know the date of your event. We will collect all the necessary information over the phone or send you a link to an online form for you to submit the details to us. Then, we will put you on our schedule and email, fax or mail you a contract.


We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!